Office Interior Design

Enhance and optimise your office interior design today

The interior of your office is a reflection of your company. When a client comes in for a business meeting, or when a potential business partner arrives to finalise a partnership with you, it is essential to have an interior that reflects the level of commitment to excellence and quality you wish to associate with your company.

Secondly, the environment of your workplace can have a significant effect on the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Weary and monotonous workspaces have been discovered to impair creativity and hinder employee output.
Create a perfectly balanced environment for your corporate office with help from one of the premiere interior design companies in Dubai today – Al Zaher Interiors.

Let us create a custom-designed office interior for you

As one of the leading interior decoration companies in the country today, we have an unyielding commitment to delivering completely unique designs to our clients. We understand that each project must be allocated with a personalised approach framed according to the specific requirements and conditions of the client.

With that in mind, we give our customers a completely blank white sheet to work with. Our consultants will meet with you to determine the design specifications you have in mind. Based on your requirements and budgetary allocation, we will create a blueprint that strives to meet your vision for your office. We will digitally recreate the plan we have produced to give you a 3-dimensional preview of the end result.  

Once we have gained your approval, we will proceed to implementing the plan we have in place. A dedicated project manager will be deployed to the field in order to ensure that a trained and watchful eye will maintain quality and order throughout the duration of the implementation phase.

A comprehensive array of solutions for the entire interior designing process

As a full-service office interior design company, you can rest easy knowing that every stage of the process is done in house. This allows us to maintain uniformity and seamless collaboration between all the specialists working on the project. We offer a complete array of solutions covering the entirety of the design process including:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Budget analysis
  • Digital visualisation
  • Design preparation
  • Project implementation
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance

If you are looking for restaurant furniture suppliers, we can also provide you with bespoke joinery in Dubai. With our diversity and range, you can rest on us to meet your needs.