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Al Zaher Interiors – Manufacturers of custom made furniture in Dubai, UAE?

Your choice of furniture plays an essential role in the health and synergy of a space. On one hand, the right furniture can improve the overall atmosphere of a particular room, while the wrong choice can make a space feel imbalanced. The furnishings you choose for a particular space defines its purpose and function. The dining room, the living room, thes bedroom – all these spaces would all look the same if not for the particular furnishings you have decided to place in each room.

Determine and define your purpose for your personal space with the most intricate and beautiful custom made furniture in Dubai from Al Zaher Interiors, one of the leading furniture manufacturers in UAE today.

World-class products from one of the premiere furniture manufacturing companies in UAE

For more than two decades, our company has been servicing Dubai and the rest of the country by providing highly innovative interior solutions designed to fulfil both aspects of function and aesthetics. As a premiere manufacturing company, we have an unwavering commitment to achieving absolute excellence in everything we create. Whether you are looking for bespoke restaurant furniture or joinery works for the office interior design of your company, our factory can deliver.

As one of the leading furniture suppliers in UAE, we are home to some of the most talented and creative artisans and craftsmen in the industry. By combining sublime artistry with an in-depth understanding of material composition, we are able to fashion some of the most intriguing and striking designs imaginable.

Additionally, our furniture factory houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry, allowing us to create highly intricate and detailed designs. Unlike other companies, our factory sources materials from the best markets in the industry today, whether you are looking for the best sugar maple wood for your table, or custom upholstery for your couch.  

Reliable timetables and product turnover delivery

As a professional furniture factory and manufacturing company, we understand the importance of time. Time is an invaluable resource, but more importantly, it is a measure of trust. When you expect manufacturers to deliver on a particular date, you are entrusting your time. We have earned our spot among the most trusted furniture manufacturing companies in Dubai today with our firm commitment to delivering our products on time. As manufacturers, we will ensure we deliver quality work as per your specifications.

So if you are looking for furniture suppliers in UAE, get in touch with one of the leading furnishing companies today - Al Zaher Interiors – Experts at bespoke furnishing and interior design.

Request A Quote to Al Zaher Interiors Dubai

This is our online shop and we have aimed to produce this website Interactive, simple and user friendly.

Welcome to Al Zaher Interiors

We have aimed to make this website interactive, simple and user friendly. We invite you to explore the work of our talented interior designers, and discover why Al Zaher is amongst the leading interior design companies in Dubai today.

Question: How do we start the design and interior fit out process?
Answer: Just follow our short and quick 7 step process.
  1. Fill up the “request a quote” as mentioned at the right side above, stating the required information.
  2. If your requirement matches with the type of works we do, one of our sales representative shall contact you within 48 hours, requesting for an appointment with you.
  3. At the meeting our sales representative shall note down all the requirements such as floor plan, floor, walls and ceiling finishes and other technical details required for a fit out estimate. Site shall be visited if required and is a new location of work for us.
  4. With our design department expertise and as per information received, a layout design shall be prepared and presented to you.
  5. On your approval of the design, a quotation shall be provided.
  6. On approval of the quotation, payment terms and deliverables, an agreement shall be signed between Al Zaher Interiors and the client.
  7. Necessary samples and detailed interior design details shall be provided to the client for approvals and once the required government NOC procedure is completed, the work at site shall start.
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